Exor N.V.: Periodic Report on the Buyback Program

EXOR N.V. (AMS: EXO) (“Exor” or the “Company”) announces that, under the second tranche of the share buyback program of up to €250 million announced on 29 July 2022 (the “second tranche”), the Company has completed the following transactions on Euronext Amsterdam:

Trading Date Number of ordinary shares purchased Average price per share excluding fees (€) Total consideration excluding fees (€)
12 December 2022 29,410 72.7171 2,138,609.91
13 December 2022 35,667 73.1957 2,610,671.03
14 December 2022 16,377 72.2471 1,183,190.76
15 December 2022 35,520 71.7380 2,548,133.76
16 December 2022 36,000 70.7441 2,546,787.60
TOTAL 152,974   11,027,393.06

After these purchases, the total invested amount under the second tranche is approximately €139.9 million for a total amount of 2,082,974 ordinary shares purchased.

As of 16 December 2022, the Company held in total 12,880,155 ordinary shares in treasury (5.34% of total ordinary issued share capital).

A comprehensive overview of the transactions carried out under the share buyback program, as well as the details of the above transactions, are available on Exor’s corporate website under the Share Buyback section.



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