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LibertAI’s Native Cryptocurrency Will Unlock Premium Features and Reward Its Developers and Users

LibertAI, the decentralized AI platform built on the decentralized cloud computing network, is excited to announce the integration of its native token on Coinbase’s Layer 2 blockchain, Base. LibertAI sets new standards for AI development and adoption by addressing core industry challenges through privacy prioritization, open-source development, and a robust decentralized infrastructure.

The AI landscape is dominated by monopolistic private companies, where issues like spying, bias, censorship, and data breaches are common. Developers are limited by the lack of transparency, flexibility and high costs associated with computational power. 

“To compete with the large monopolistic companies dominating the AI industry, we need more awareness around AI privacy and the right foundations to enable this vision. It’s a big challenge that we’re undertaking, and by leveraging some of the most thriving ecosystems like Base by Coinbase, we hope to achieve this level of awareness with a mainstream audience”, said Jonathan Schemoul, lead contributor to LibertAI and co-founder of

AI Ecosystem Powered by Base, Coinbase’s Layer-2 and computing DePIN

LibertAI first launched a chat app and APIs to offer offers an open-source and private alternative to ChatGPT and Meta AI; gathering over 1.7 million successful text completions on its LLMs.

LibertAI is now deploying a full-fledged ecosystem to enable open-source development of hybrid AI and Web3 applications, which includes:

  • AI Engine: The core network powering various AI functionalities with open-source models for creating personalized AI personas and native web3 applications. Thanks to its native crypto rails and programmability this AI engine can fully automate workflows, access computing power more easily and even empower AI agents to pay for their computing resources.
  • AI Agents Framework: Multiple personalized GPTs performing specific assigned tasks.
  • Confidential Inference: LibertAI ensures data is always encrypted and privately stored on distributed computing networks. The platform’s integration with computing DePIN secures the mapping and training of AI data, and offers distributed CPU and GPU fpr cost-effective AI. counts esteemed clients and partners like Ubisoft, Synaps, and Request Network.
  • $LTAI Token: Facilitates native payment rails and extended decentralized financial applications (DeFi). The $LTAI token deployed on Base, grants access to advanced models and features, a personalized knowledge base, tiered API plans, rewards for hardware provisioning and model improvements, and the deployment of agents on the network.

Future Use Cases for LibertAI

Key applications empowered by LibertAI’s unique Web3 capabilities include securely processing private data for companies, provable AI decision-making for DAOs, AI-managed autonomous organizations, and creating NFTs with verified generative biographies for gaming.

LibertAI is deploying its native $LTAI token on Base, Coinbase’s Layer 2 network, to leverage its robust DeFi ecosystem. Base can support the automatic conversion of LibertAI into other tokens for payments, stablecoin conversion, and seamless payment flows using Superfluid. It also supports lending and borrowing of the LibertAI token, creating a self-sustaining economy for AI agents.

For more information, users can visit

About LibertAI

LibertAI a decentralized AI system, has the potential to be more secure, accessible, resilient, and efficient than a centralized system, while also reducing the risk of bias and protecting the privacy of users.Libertai large language models are running on a set of technologies such as IPFS in combination with It effectively runs on a fully decentralized, uncensored, secure and resilient computing network that is practically unstoppable.

About is a decentralized physical infrastructure redefining data management and computing in the blockchain ecosystem. It ensures operational resilience for applications, particularly in AI, DeFi, and gaming industries. works with Ubisoft, Solana, Request Finance. Since 2020, its marketplace has provided scalable, high-performance Instances and Micro-Virtual Machines resources on several networks such as Ethereum (and its L2s), Avalanche Solana, Cosmos or Tezos.



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