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Hoffmann Green Cement Technologies (ISIN: FR0013451044, Ticker: ALHGR) (“Hoffmann Green” or the “Company”) (Paris:ALHGR), a pioneer in clinker-free low-carbon cement, announces the signing of its first international contract with a Swiss player, the Maulini Construction Group.

From 2021, Hoffmann Green will supply the Maulini group with its clinker-free low-carbon cement based on its H-UKR technology to enable it to undertake major construction work in Switzerland including the Chêne-Blanc project, a 6-villa real-estate set in Onex, just outside Geneva. The first pours of concrete made from HOFFMANN GREEN CEMENT H-UKR cement began in early April and will be used to build the entire villas (foundations, slabs, walls, floors).

This partnership, which covers the next two years, represents a first step in the Company’s collaboration with Maulini and in the development of Hoffmann Green’s international strategy.

Julien Blanchard and David Hoffmann, co-founders of Hoffmann Green Cement Technologies, say: “This first international partnership with a historical and leading Swiss player marks a major milestone in Hoffmann Green’s commercial development and demonstrates the appeal of our decarbonized solution beyond our domestic borders. We are delighted to have signed this supply agreement with the Maulini group, an independent family-run business with which we share many values, none more so than innovation in order to minimize the construction sector’s environmental impact. This is a first step in our cooperation process aimed at constructing eco-responsible buildings abroad”.

“Being able to reinvent itself to adapt and throw itself into the historical construction sector is one of the Maulini group’s key values. The use of sustainable solutions based on low environmental impact materials such as those provided by Hoffmann Green is thus perfectly in line with our commitments. This technology, which is already being used on our construction sites, will allow us to meet our clients’ growing needs for buildings that combine proven technical performances and environmental performances that are thus far unprecedented”, adds Nicolas Maulini, Chairman of the Maulini group.

About Hoffmann Green Cement Technologies

Founded in 2014, Hoffmann Green Cement Technologies designs, produces and distributes innovative clinker-free low-carbon cement with a substantially lower carbon footprint than traditional cement. Fully aware of the environmental emergency and the need to reconcile the construction sector, cement manufacturing and the environment, the Group believes it is at the heart of a genuine technological breakthrough based on altering cement’s composition and the creation of a heating-free and clean manufacturing process, without clinker. Hoffmann Green’s cements, currently manufactured on a first 4.0 industrial site with no kiln nor chimney in western France, address all construction sector markets and present, at equivalent dosage and with no alteration in the concrete manufacturing process, higher performances than traditional cement.

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About Maulini

With its 250 employees, Maulini operates in the field of construction, renovation, civil engineering and general contracting. Since its creation in 1910, the Company has been recognized for the high quality of the services it provides, its ability to truly listen to its clients thanks to the proximity of its senior management and its involvement in local life. It is one of Geneva’s leading heavy construction companies. Maulini SA is also recognized by SUVA as an approved specialist in asbestos removal and has a team specialized in concrete cutting and drilling. With a modern and regularly-updated fleet of equipment and machines, Maulini SA invests year after year to remain competitive in a continually evolving sector of activity.

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