Japan: Orege announces the sale of its first two SLGF® solutions to the Itochu group

Japan: Orege announces the sale of its first two SLGF® solutions to the Itochu group

Voisins-Le Bretonneux, 3 December 2019, 8am

Under the partnership set up one year ago with Itochu Machine-Technos Corp. (ITCMT), a subsidiary of the Japanese group Itochu Corporation, to distribute and integrate Orege’s solutions, Orege is delighted to announce its first firm sale of two SLG® + Flosep® solutions to ITCMT.

The first SLG® + Flosep® solution will be installed and implemented, by joint teams from Itochu and Orege, for a Japanese group that is amongst the world leaders in the paper and packaging industry.

The SLG® solution will be used to condition biological sludge upstream from a belt filter press.

The SLG® solution deployed aims to significantly improve performance for the sludge treatment line, which is currently overloaded:

  • Reducing the volume of sludge to be eliminated
  • Increasing the hydraulic flow capacity to help resolve the sludge unit’s capacity overload issue
  • Reducing polymer consumption
  • Mitigating odors on site, as the paper plant is located at the heart of a major city.

The second SLGF® solution to be deployed for ITCMT will be set up at one of the 10 prospective sites identified by the Itochu-Orege teams during their exploratory trips in spring 2019.

To comply with standards for the application and use of SLG® solutions in Japan, Orege has developed a specific SLG® solution, which is being certified by Lloyd’s Register.

Orege received the design approval document on 2 December 2019. This crucial first phase has been successfully completed and will be followed over the coming weeks by Lloyd’s Register inspections during the manufacture of the SLG® units. This second phase aims to validate compliance between the manufacturing and design stages, and will bring the certification process to a close.

About SLG®  

SLG® (solid, liquid, gas) is an innovative sludge conditioning, treatment and recovery technology. It offers a cost-effective and high-performance solution for industrial firms, operators and municipalities by significantly reducing sludge volume and promoting sludge recovery by changing its physical, chemical and rheological characteristics.

Fully aligned with new regulatory and environmental requirements, the patented SLG® technology has received several international awards, including 2016 Breakthrough Technology of the Year at the Global Water Intelligence Awards and Most Innovative Technology at Birmingham Utility Week in 2017.

About Flosep®

Orege’s patented Flosep technology is a sludge separation and thickening tool that capitalizes on the benefits and new properties of sludge conditioned with SLG.

About Orege

Orege is an international cleantech firm specialized in the development, manufacturing and marketing of conditioning, treatment and recovery solutions for municipal and industrial sludge. With bases in France, the US, the UK and Germany, Orege, an Eren Group subsidiary, supports its clients in a dozen countries around the world. The company is a partner of Itochu Machine-Technos Corp in Japan.

Orege has been listed on the regulated market Euronext - Paris since 5 July 2013. ISIN: FR0010609206 – OREGE www.orege.com


OREGE Investor Relations & Financial Information communication@orege.com  


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