• Massive approval of all resolutions submitted to vote
  • Dividend payment of €0.05 a share
  • Appointment of Yann Leriche, Chief Executive Officer, to the Board
  • British contract employee representative, Mark Cornwall, joins the Board

Regulatory News:

The Getlink SE (Paris:GET) Combined General Meeting was held behind closed doors in Paris on Wednesday 28 April 2021, under the chairmanship of Jacques Gounon.

The shareholder quorum present or represented, based on a total of 401,922,396 shares present or represented, this year reached the record level of 74.746% of the shares with voting rights (72.206% in 2020).

All resolutions submitted to the vote by the Board of Directors have been widely approved1.

After having approved the company accounts and consolidated accounts for the 2019 financial year, the Meeting voted on the various elements of remuneration for executive officers with scores ranging from 94.80% to 99.91% and a dividend payment of €0.05 a share.

The meeting also approved the appointment of Yann Leriche, Chief Executive Officer, who is joined on the Board by Mark Cornwall, British contract employee representative respectively to replace Peter Levene and Tim Yeo. The board still has 15 members with a female participation rate of 50%.

Jacques Gounon, Chairman of the Board warmly thanks Peter Levene and Tim Yeo for their invaluable contributions to the Board of Directors’ work in preparing for Brexit and in the context of the Covid-19 crisis. Jacques Gounon also warmly thanked the shareholders for their almost unanimous support and commitment during this difficult period.

1 The detail of the votes resolution by resolution is available on the Group’s website, on the page dedicated to Getlink’s Combined General Meeting: https://www.getlinkgroup.com/en/shareholders-investors/2021-general-meeting/

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