LACROIX consolidates its positioningon the fast-growing market of heating networks.ENGIE SOLUTIONS entrusted LACROIX with the digitization and extension ofChalon-sur-Saône heating network

LACROIX contributes to energy savings and Co2 emissions reduction in the city

ENGIE Solutions has chosen LACROIX, through its Environment activity, as part of an ambitious project to develop and modernize the urban heating network of Chalon-sur-Saône, in order to provide connected and intelligent solutions that will first equip 250 substations.

Announced last November, the amendment concluded for a period of 10 years between Chalon-sur-Saône and ENGIE Solutions provides for the cessation of gas cogeneration coupled with a low-temperature passage of the network thanks to the modernization of the production means. Chalon Energie heating network, which is one of the most important in France, will also be renewed and extended, representing a total of 11 km and 3,000 housing equivalents served.

With an investment of 25 million euros by ENGIE Solutions, this development will be based on an optimized use of local renewable resources, including wood energy. The ambition is to reduce the territory's gas consumption by more than 15% and avoid the emission of nearly 30,000 tons of CO2 each year.

The first structural stage of this modernization, the digitization of Chalon Energie network will be ensured by LACROIX connected and intelligent equipment, SOFREL S4TH, initially deployed in 250 substations, as well as through the tools necessary for their supervision.

A consolidated position in smart heating networks in France    This new contract for the Environment activity in smart heating networks is proof that the solutions proposed by LACROIX (sensors, remote management stations, supervision tools) to optimize the efficiency of infrastructures through remote control are successful with the operators. LACROIX's expertise in this field, supported by new cyber-secure equipment designed and manufactured in France, allowed for the achievement of a very positive growth (over 30% since 2020) in this booming market. In Europe, where they cover only 10% of heating needs, heating networks are now perceived as both an energy efficiency solution and a way to leverage large pools of renewable energy that are difficult to access or operate (wood energy, but also geothermal energy, recovered heat, etc.). As such, heating networks are an integral part of CO2 emission reduction policies in France and Germany.

“We are very pleased with this renewed trust granted to us by ENGIE Solutions, to whom LACROIX already supplies equipment for, among others, the heating networks of the cities of Rennes and Nantes, which are among the largest networks in France," says Ronald Vrancken, Executive General Manager of the Environment Business. By providing the necessary technology for digitalization, real-time monitoring of users' consumption and remote control, LACROIX solutions guarantee better efficiency and thus contribute to making heating networks more sustainable.”

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